April 8, 9, 10, 11

April 8, 9…. St. John’s Yacht Basin…Charleston, SC

This was a gorgeous place. Gorgeous. I would return here in a heartbeat. Numerous slips, newer floating docks, deluxe toilets/showers/laundry, huge pool and pool deck, magnificent boater’s lounge with grand view of the river. Ahhhhh. Minimal hurricane damage, but the bridge leading to the place was destroyed so the restaurant closed and autos are required to park a quarter mile away and walk the distance on those lovely piers to the marina.

We drove the courtesy car into town and took a horse drawn carriage tour of the city; it was a different from other tours. There are so many carriages touring that the city required a lottery system for each area of the town to be accessed. Otherwise there was so much buggy traffic it interfered with autos and pedestrians and homeowners. Our tour was interesting, but nothing like the one in Beaufort where we were shown the entire town by a lovely local girl who regaled us with lovely stories about the place and stopped often for photo opportunities.

River Walk Charleston

Charleston, in my opinion, is a cross between rowdy New Orleans and gentile Savannah: narrow streets, beautiful old homes built like row houses deep into the block with large gardens to the back, exclusive shops in the center of town, cobbled streets to the river, French Quarter with it delicate ironwork and ivy-strewn brick facades. Wish we could have spent another day.

April 10…Harborwalk Marina, Georgetown, SC

Moving along. Loved this trip through salt marsh, embedded with pine and juniper. Miles and miles of marshland preserves and inlets. Our marina sets on the town of 9,000. Three miles to any grocery. 1 mile to any quick stop. We are very tired traveling so fast to get to Norfolk by April 20. It’s challenging to find the energy for touring when your body cries for rest instead. We stayed one night is Georgetown and saw little of the town. It was small and quaint. There is so much important history on the east coast, that we cannot take it in quickly. We passed Fort Sumter coming out of Charleston. Imagine! Fort Sumter! Idaho is a young country.

South Carolina, played a central role in the state’s headlong rush toward secession. Fort Sumter is where the Civil War essentially started.  When the Union tried to resupply the fort and the South fired on the fort, the war was inevitable. We had to scurry past without seeing it all. Same with Georgetown from the years of early settlement, through the Revolutionary War and up to the onset of the Civil War there is a monument, statue, or historic building on every corner.

April 11…Osprey Marina

We are docked deep in the country on the Waccamaw River. We moved out of the salt marsh prairie into deeply forested riverbanks of a Wilderness Refuge. It refreshed our souls to see pine. We turned into a narrow canal off the ICW and continued through dense tree-lined shores until it opened up into this pristine, picturesque harbor. Just perfect. What a sweet surprise. The best night’s sleep in months. Quiet and serene.

Things to see along the way…





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