March 30-Apr 2

We anchored in Thunderbolt Marina in the town of Thunderbolt outside Savannah. Clean and tranquil with discreet lighting, this is a small marina with an adjacent service yard for enormous boats. Opposite shore is salt marsh, very peaceful. Gated campus with 24/7 Security Guard Two large gazebos with nice furniture, large park that winds along the riverfront where dogs can run. No slips, but a long concrete floating dock where boats are docked on both sides. Excellent guest building with large cheery laundry, Toilet/Shower rooms with mirrored dressing area between. The Dock Master is a soft-spoken man who operates alone and is very inconspicuous. Many Loopers arriving every day. Nice to have pals.

The boat needs an oil change and other 100-hour maintenance keeping us here several days so we rented a car to navigate around this most historic city.

Savannah from the bridge
The bridge

We rented a car and drove into gorgeous, glorious Savannah. There is so much to absorb we will need to do it in more than one day. There are many places we cannot take Inky and we must leave him alone in the boat when we go to museums or take tours. We feel it’s cruel to leave him trapped for more than 4 hours, and it really inhibits our exploration of these magnificent places we’d like to investigate. You can’t experience Disneyland is a few hours! We’ve almost decided not to try. We have to rent a car, drive long distances to the venue, rush through the many exhibits, then rush back to Inky. It’s hardly worth it. Some rare places, like the Kennedy Space Center, offer air-conditioned kennels, but still we don’t enjoy the full experience because we worry about our dog. It’s a continual issue.

Tree lined streets

Cobbled road winding down to the river


River street

Established in 1733, Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and the location of one of the largest National Historic Landmark districts in the country. It’s an eccentric city  with Old World glamour and romance, culture, and entertainment. We chartered a trolley tour of the  architecture, its 21 historic squares showcasing fountains and statues and obelisks dedicated to its many heroes.

The salt marsh creates gobs of floating dry reeds around which we must continually navigate; don’t want it in our propeller. There is a plague of no-see-ums here. We have scratched ourselves raw. Sorry can’t get a picture….

2 thoughts on “March 30-Apr 2

  1. Wayne Hanners

    Remember how beautiful Savanna is. Don, Heidi, Tammy & I spent 2 or 3 days there several years ago. What history is there and the the architecture was incredible. The South is truly filled with history. One of the places we would love to go back to.

    Wayne & Tammy


  2. Don Lowman

    All I rember is Tammy Hanners and I were attacked by those nasty noseeum bugs they liked us and we had bits all over. Don I found a new job for you after your boat trip is over! I’m in Venice Italy now and they have taxi boat drivers all over the place! But the best job for you would be the boat driver for the boat Ambulance to the Hospital! They move fast up the Grand Canel with lights and siren going to the Hospital very strange to see.


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