March 27-29

After St. Augustine, we move north to our next marina on Amelia Island. What a gorgeous place. Arrived late, rested a bit on the beach then ate aboard and went to bed without ever seeing the town until the next morning at daybreak while walking the dog before departing. Dang. It appeared as if you could walk down oldtown cobblestone streets lined on both sides with fabulous shops of every kind and end up on the other side of the island on the beaches after a dozen blocks. Dang. Oh, well. There is so much to see at every bend in the ICW that we will never get to see most of it. Sigh. Most Loopers say the same. Gotta do it again to see the things you missed.

BIG boat repair yard


We are scurrying to arrive in Myrtle Beach by early April. Then on to the Chesapeake by early May and into New York Harbor early June and on into the Great Lakes by July and then complete our trip in September.


Another boat destroyed by hurricanes.

March 28. We moved up to St. Simon’s Island.

Visited the Lighthouse and beach. Drove around the island. Not much else since we’re tired and moving fast. There is current here with rivers entering the ICW and the ocean moving into the many Sounds we must pass through. It’s tough tying up and moving around. I love looking out into the open water! Imagine what lays beyond….

Our marina


Moving from St. Simon’s we were inspired by the vast salt marshes. Miles and miles of water prairie. Don killed the engine and we just sat in the silence. It choked me. I miss Idaho and the quiet and the empty sky.

March 29. Now we’re on St. Catherine’s Island.

We moored at Kilkenny Marina. 12 miles from any settlements. Banjo players??? Lovely people, salty marina, few amenities (toilets and power), creaky wooden docks. But it is quiet and calm. Nice people

We walked down the narrow road that leads inland among giant oak trees towering above us, draped with yards of Spanish Moss, their enormous limbs reaching down over our heads, shadowing the ground. Very pretty. We might just stay here a few more days.

The road to town…12 miles
Back to the marina

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