March 24- 26

St. Augustine

The city has a rich history as the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement within the borders of the continental United States. The Castillo de San Marcos National Monument has been closely intertwined with the city and the neighboring structures which served as the city’s outer defenses. The Castillo and the town serve as outstanding reminders of the might of the early Spanish empire in the New World. The Castillo took 23 years to build (from 1672 to 1695). Fabricated of coquina, a virtually indestructible limestone comprised of broken sea shells and coral, the walls of the fortress remained impenetrable through 300 years of enemy shelling and pounding by violent storms.

City Gates


We enjoyed cannon fire and flint lock rifle fire. BOOM.

Flagler College is here, celebrating 40 years of educational excellence. Located in what was once Henry Flagler’s first St. Augustine hotel, it exhibits incredible architecture which has been painstakingly preserved through the years. The campus grounds are equally impressive with their rows of towering palms and well-kept gardens


There are many museums in the area. The Lightner Museum is among the most unique, featuring an    intriguing array of items, from shrunken heads and mummies to stunning collections of stained glass and crystal. When it opened its doors in 1889, Henry Flagler’s Alcazar Hotel delighted guests with its gigantic indoor pool and retractable roof, casino, spa, and movie theater.

Beautiful shops in the districts offering souvenirs and antiques, arts and crafts and unique clothing, and carriage rides through cobblestone streets.

The entire place is jaw dropping.

4 a.m. I heard a funny noise, tried to ignore it but it persisted sounding like light rain splatting on plastic, but the night sky was brilliantly clear. I walked outside and looked around hearing more of the drip-drop. Turns out it was fish sucking the barnacles off the bottoms of boats and pier posts; millions of them sounding like  babies sucking on pacifiers.

Our marina

Zorayda Museum

Interesting. Zorayda built this place with 31 different windows. Superstition says spirits leave a house at night and return at dawn through the same window from which they left…none of the 31 windows are alike.

Didn’t make it to the Ripley Believe It Or Not Museum, but our sight-seeing trolley drove us there and all over the city. We were foot sore and sleepy afterward. Wanted to do more, like see all the museums and factories, but couldn’t leave the dog on the boat that long.

Too many pictures, here a just a few more.



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