Hanging Out

November 28

We are lying in Eastern Shores Marina, Mobile Bay, at Fairhope, Alabama. We have been here nearly 2 weeks and spent Thanksgiving Day with Don’s ex-wife and family; lovely home, lovely people, excellent food.

Don with Marijo

We are experiencing tidal weather. Each morning I rise early and with Inky trot to the beach to see what treasures the waves have delivered. Today the shoreline was littered with dozens of pecans, and by sunset they had vanished to be replaced with shards of broken glass and polished stones. One sunrise I retrieved 20 golf balls, many with the insignia of the private club on which they were played. Here in the Bay we do not get the pretty shells seen on ocean shores, but every sunrise the sand reveals a new assortment of trophies. Golly it is fun. Many days are spent sitting on the beach gazing at the distant shore remembering the miles of river we traveled to get here.

Dog River Marina across the Bay

Most boats moored in a marina are vacant; their owners visit occasionally, but every marina has permanent residents who live on their boats full time. Some commute to work. Most are retired. Most never drive their boats. Some decorate their dock with potted plants and hanging baskets while others never come outside. They pay a monthly fee based on boat length ( 1 or 2 dollars a foot). So, for about $400 they get power, toilets and showers, laundry facilities, use of a courtesy car, unlimited fresh water, and a private beach! I wonder if they resent having to share such comforts with us transients. One Local asked if we knew the difference between a Yankee and a Damned Yankee. Answer: the Yankee visits and then goes back home!

In the wee hours before sunrise owls begin their calls. We wonder what they might scare up for food. There are numerous oak trees that drop billions of acorns each day, but we see very few squirrels. Odd. Don ventures that Southerners eat them. We see marina cats, but by nightfall they are well hidden. Inky is quite agitated by one very old cat. Chuck is said to be 17 years of age and has spent his life here. Inky loves to run at him full force, but Chuck unimpressed stands his ground and Inky veers off at the last second before Chuck can deliver a slashing blow. Yesterday Chuck was fed up and charged Inky who slinked away like the true coward he is. The marina crew are quite entertained by this daily skirmish and cheer when Chuck gets the best of our fat Labrador.


Temperatures remain in the high 60’s. It is hard to imagine snow in Idaho, but I can see from computer down link of our Idaho news stations that it is truly winter. What comfort we take from access to the World Wide Web. We can “see” what is going on anywhere in the world. Some days, when I ache for home, I dial in my permanent address on Google Earth and look at my house. It gives me great pleasure to recall where I belong. We are on a grand adventure, but like Dorothy, “there’s no place like home”. Nights when sleep eludes me, I walk in my imagination through the rooms of my house or my grandparent’s house, recalling every detail on every wall.


Sunsets over water on flat horizon are spectacular!!  The sun truly disappears from view and sinks below the surface of the earth. It is gone in an instant, but first it produces a fanfare of color; each evening more dramatic than the one preceding. The clouds above are colossal and quixotic revealing extravagant hues and shadow as they swirl and float across the darkening sky.




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