November 20

We are staying in Fairhope, Alabama until our friends return from their Thanksgiving visit home. Our weather had been gorgeous and warm until last Friday night when a cold front moved in. We were awakened at 3 a.m. by the violent rocking of our boat. Tsunami? Tornado? All boats in the harbor were bobbing uncontrollably. We could hardly stand up. The Bay was wild with 4 foot swales.



In Alabama Cotton is King and the landscape is full of cotton crop.The inland country here has more open fields with cattle grazing than anywhere else in our travels.  It makes my heart yearn for the fields of home.


We visited the USS Alabama warship museum. It was humbling to see how our boys lived aboard in cramped spaces during WWII, nothing like the movies depict.




Thursday night we attended the Fairhope Christmas Lighting of the Trees. Choirs performed and the Fairhope Maidens made their appearance dressed in traditional Southern dresses. At 6 p.m. sharp all the trees lining the main streets came alive with glittering lights AND the sky above us was showered with fake foam snowflakes. The little kids went wild.




November 20

We drove to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Beautiful sugar sand and blue ocean. When we travel south again we will be in the Inter-Coastal Waterway and will moor at The Warf.

OO LA LA pretty.

The Warf Marina
The Warf waterfront shops









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