Paris Landing, Tennessee

 October 14, 2016

Better weather yesterday. We left GTB at 9 a.m. and arrived at Paris Landing at 1 p.m. Smooth sailing with calm seas and a blessed tail wind. Beautiful, quiet night. Very nice marina here, but only one bathroom/shower combo serving 290 boats slips! Paris Landing State Park is 841 acres of camping with golf and hotel.

Moon over the marina
Panacea at Paris Landing

We came on a weekend when the Park was sponsoring a Civil War Reenactment  with cannon and artillery fire. Vendors with food, arts, relics, and chili cook off. Then  a big display with all cannons firing at night. Woo Hoo.  Poor Inky ran away and 6 of us roamed the docks for an hour calling  until he appeared.


We happened upon three large bird cages housing rescued Barn Owls, Barred Owls, and one blind hawk. Gorgeous birds.  Saw our first Persimmon tree. Unusual knobby bark. Messy when the fruit falls.

Owl rescue


October 16, 2016

We motored round the corner to Fat Daddy’s  for dinner with Barb and Nick Headly…and Ziggy. They are moored beside us with their 288 Bayliner! Skinny water coming in…2.5 feet, but we raised the motor and plowed in.


Back to Paris Landing at sunset




3 thoughts on “Paris Landing, Tennessee

  1. Karen

    Get some of those ripe (dark orange and VERY soft) persimmons and make the Roosenberg’s “famous” persimmon pudding! Tim’s mom always used the wild persimmons this way. The domestic varieties don’t work as well. They will ripen some after being collected. Use a colander to “smush” them and to remove the large seeds. It is a bit like custard or maybe a bread pudding texture. Ask us for recipe if you wish.


  2. Don Lowman

    Looks and sounds like a wonderful time beatiful location and what American history your discovering. Fantastic trip opertunity of a life time enjoy the adventure.


  3. Julie L Vyncke

    Hi there, It is Julie from “Rock Star” and the lock on the Illinois River. Finally found your blog, not sure what took me so long…. Wow! What an amazing trip you have had. I have a picture of us together in the lock. I will attempt to send it the number on the card you gave me. I have signed up for email updates and look forward to following you to warm weather come winter. Winter here can be just as cold as the summer was hot. Happy Travels:)


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