Bucolic Life


We have been in Kentucky for a month. Every community has hundreds of churches. Every quarter mile there are at least 3 churches and at least one of those is an enormous, 1200-seat facility on acres and acres of land in a beautiful setting. Everybody cleans up and attends church.

It strikes me that we have not heard the F Bomb once, not one time! People don’t curse here. We never hear the Lord’s name in vain. Never.  Everyone is polite (even in the Mall). It is “Please” and “Thank You”, “Yes Sir” and “Yes Ma’m”. Refreshing. They are educated to be courteous and gracious.


These people love camping. Not the kind of camping we do in Idaho. There are huge state and local impoundments  with acres of campsites around the water’s edge. It is very communal.

Driving through the Barkley Lake facility last night we saw that every site was full. It is Fall Break here. School starts August 1st and October 1st the schools close for 2 weeks and everyone heads to the campgrounds. Each family has their camper or RV with all the appropriate toys: boat, wave runner, and the omnipresent golf cart. Golf carts are everywhere, it is more fun and easier to get around in these carts and everybody owns or rents one. Some are souped up and fancy. The campsites are close and familiar. It is very social. There are parades and BBQ’s and dances in the local villages.


Campers are into lighting. Most add outdoor decor to create a feeling of warmth, fun, and style. There is competition to decorate campsites with cute harvest signs and figures and lights.  In addition to the overhead multi-color string lights we noticed large white buckets with solar lights inside hanging from the trees to illuminate each vicinity as well as colored rope lighting to outline the perimeter of individual sites.


Oh, my goodness. Everything is deep-fried from pickles to Oreos. If it can be eaten, it can be deep fried. Many counties are alcohol free or “dry”, but these folks prefer their soda to beer anyway. We’ve never seen a drunkard or a drunken party. Perhaps they behave themselves until they get to Nashville (their Vegas). The favorite restaurants provide 2-inch pork chops slathered in gravy, flower pot bread and Strawberry Butter. The baked potatoes are gigantic and LOADED.  Be careful to ask for your salad dressing on the side or it will be swimming in Ranch. Pork is king, bacon adorns every side-dish. Deep-fried Catfish,  Mac & Cheese are always available. All pies have mountains of meringue.


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