Midnight Caper

Panacea crew thwarted a heist on Pier 10 October 6.

3 a.m. Joan heard a noise that was not one of common sounds heard at night. Inky didn’t alert us because he’s become accustomed to all the strange noises here. We are moored in a covered slip with 40 other boats and many spooky sounds: the structure creeks and snaps; the herons and egrets squawk and flap and scritch across the metal roof like aliens; the Asian Carp suck on algae laden hulls creating loud pings and pops; the breeze sends ropes and chains clattering across posts and lines. But this was a human sound that awakened us.

We peered out and saw 3 men dressed in black carrying pen lights rummaging through boats. Leaving Joan quaking in the boat, Don called 911 and skulked around in the dark to keep track of the bandits while he guided the county sheriff to our site. It took 50 minutes for the law to arrive and by that time the thieves had entered and ransacked 2 other piers. But, they were caught red-handed thanks to the fearless and intrepid Don!


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