July 30

Has it really been one whole month since we left Idaho? So much has occurred. Many set backs too. We are currently in Starved Rock Marina 10 miles from Ottawa, IL…we will stay here 2 nights.  Lots of flooding in the area caused many road closures. Taxi into town is $30 one way!!! We will sit tight. We have provisions for several days. There is a nice restaurant, but no courtesy car. I need to be more assertive and ask people to take me into town for ten bucks. No one offers because they just don’t get that we’re stranded at the marina without a car, and occasionally we need groceries or a pleasure trip to a museum or gallery. The marina population use their boats as we use our cabins in the woods. They park their boats in a slip for a monthly or yearly fee and drive near and far to live aboard on weekends until they pull them out for winter storage. So, they all have cars and they just don’t understand our dilemma. We’d like to attend church, but can’t get into town and most churches in these smaller towns don’t have a person monitoring the church phone or email to receive our request for a lift. So, we need to make contact weeks in advance and then we are bound to a tight schedule and that is not always possible. We are dependent upon the Lock Master’s schedule….we’re learning. Maybe the delays have served a purpose we did not anticipate.

I’m really disappointed that I cannot provide more photos. I take dozens. Our PC is attached to Don’s office VPN, and it won’t recognize my cell phone downloads without authorization from his IT. It will take a bit of conversation to get it resolved. Then yesterday, my camera slipped out of my pocket and slid past me into the water! Really? Really?

Here’s a few photos: (I took on my cell, then emailed to Don, then downloaded to the PC)

Driving to the Marseilles Lock

Don with barge going to Marseilles lock.jpg

Another Sunset with clouds…the clouds here are magnificent….

Spring Brook sunset w clouds 7.27.16.jpg

Marine TravelLift that raises and lowers boats into and out of the water for repairs or storage:

Marine Lift 2.jpg

Bob and Jill Ames. Kind souls who befriended us at Spring Brook Marina. Thank God for the kindness of strangers. They were just lovely.  Are they not perfect All Americans???

Bob & Jill Ames

Sumner and Otto miss GJo (that’S Gramma Joan):

Sumner in playhouse.jpg

Be still my heart….Otto, the Granddog…Otto and GJo.jpg





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