July 28

Spring Brook Marina rests on the south shore of the Illinois River near the small town of Seneca, IL, much like Joan’s home town of Glenns Ferry, ID. We have a slight mechanical issue and this marina has excellent service mechanics. They also have a courtesy car and we have been enjoying a drive in the country and to provision and wash clothes.

Don ordered and installed a portable AC unit. We are in Heaven! The humidity is 90% today with 88 the predicted high. Might get another T-storm. Yay. We spend our time sitting on the lawn under old trees reading and watching the river traffic…we never tire of it.

There is a particular fragrance on the wind in this country. The locals do not recognize it, but we are very aware. It is much like menthol or eucalyptus; not unpleasant, but unusual.

We need PC tech support. It will not download photos from my cell. I must email them to Don, open and save them, then insert them into the blog. LABORIOUS and unnecessary. I’m frustrated that I cannot blog with pics every day!


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