Finally launched but…..

chicago from marina
Chicago Skyline from Hammond Marina

Tuesday  July 12:

Our trip to Lake Michigan has been fraught with numerous difficulties.

Boat bottom painting in St. Louis took 8 days instead of the 2 we were quoted!!! Then the Indiana wide load permit system required us to take back roads that did not connect to the routes described so a 5 hour drive took 8. We launched at 8 pm and discovered a broken water pump. We used our trolling motor to limp to a temporary dock (the marina office was closed).

Beautiful marina but….a railroad line sets 100 yards south and the freight trains ran continuously throughout the night blasting their horns at the numerous crossings near us. It would be hilarious if we weren’t so exhausted.

Called a marine repairman this morning. He is booked until Friday!


July 14:

Repairs will be minimal, but it takes time. We hope to start for Chicago over the weekend.

Epic storm last evening. Hard rain, horrendous thunder, brilliant lightening everywhere. We loved it. Poor Inky, our big fat Lab/Collie mix, was terrified. He is not impressed with our plans. He is homesick for his truck and his vigilant monitoring of our cozy neighborhood in Eagle, Idaho.

The Chicago skyline is visible from the marina. It is an amazing, but intimidating sight. Our marina hosts are wonderful to us, and very accepting of dogs. Off leash rules are NOT rigidly enforced. Happy place.

marina view of casino
View of Marina and Casino from Marina building. See Panacea on far right.




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