Left Idaho July 1.

Packed the last of the few items we need for our voyage. Don’s brother Doug flew to Boise to accompany Don on the long haul to Doug’s home in St. Louis. Joan flew to Aspen to spend 3 days with Sarah M, then on to St. Louis. Doug will bring our truck and trailer back to his farm for storage until we return in 2017.

Had an issue with brake module controller , but made it to Don’s brother’s house in St. Charles, Missouri for repairs. Now having the boat bottom painted.

Loads of fun and great food with Doug and Karen and kids. Such a fabulous family. Love them all.

Sarah Kathleen joined us on Thursday for dinner. Such a blast to be with her in Old Town St. Charles.

Boat will be ready today. Will leave for Chicago Sunday morning. OMG. We are really doing this. Joan is homesick for her grandbaby.

sk and don180548
Dinner with Sarah K in Boone’s Lick, Old St. Charles on the Mississippi
Last day in Idaho….

2 thoughts on “Left Idaho July 1.

  1. Jodi Giem

    Found the blog! (That is some BIG boat!) Hope things are going well in finding your way to Chicago. Went by and picked up the canoe today, just so you know we have it. Thanks again! Jodi


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